Nature. Nurture. Knowledge.

Each vintage at Dry River is a celebration of nature’s generosity.
We make wines of uncompromising quality, converting the land’s bounty into experiences you can taste.

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Wines exclusively created by a team of seven. Each vintage a unique chapter in Dry Rivers story.

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2014 Flavour ripeness vs Phenolic ripeness –
it’s a winemaking choice

We are often asked what sets our wines apart from the majority of wines produced in New Zealand. The simple answer to a complex question is: our wines are grown and picked at a point where we believe the majority of phenolic compounds are fully ripe-we call this phenolic ripeness.

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Dry river wines
Our story

The name Dry River carries an historical significance as the name of one of the earliest Wairarapa sheep stations (ca. 1877). This was later sold off by the Seddon government and renamed Dyerville, leaving the renamed Waihora River (circa 1900) and the renamed Dyerville Rd (1994) - both after Dry River - as the only reminders of this part of our pastoral farming history. In 1979 Neil and Dawn McCallum planted a vineyard a few kilometres from Dyerville in a very dry, gravely and free-draining area now called the 'Martinborough Terrace' and they took the name Dry River for the vineyard and wines in what was to become another chapter of Martinborough's farming history. Their dream was to produce individual, high quality regional wines which faithfully reflect the 'terroir', vintage and are suitable for cellaring.

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