2014 Dry River Spring Release

Dear Friends

We are very excited to present our four Spring Release wines to our Members: 2014 Riesling, 2014 Viognier, 2013 Chardonnay and the 2012 Tempranillo. In this release we will also offer the ability to purchase the 2013 Pinot noir 'en primeur' via the traditional brochure. We will also offer this wine on our website, but for the month of November only.

Over the last few years we have received numerous requests to provide the ability to comment via our website on Dry River wines that you have opened recently. Whether this is a young wine or a treasure from your cellar, this blogging medium is designed to share experiences. Please leave a comment below about your impression of any wines that you feel have been worth sharing your thoughts about.

We will do our best to regularly post our tasting experiences from wines we open from our cellar. So watch this space.


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  • Milen says...

    I’m a great fun of Dry River wines. This is an emblematic for NZ winery. Congratulations to the team ! Have in my cellar a bottle of Pinot 2006, 2007, 3 bottles of 2010. Have tried various whites. When do you expect the Pinot 2013 release ? Or it’s sold out ? Looking forward to receiving the brochure. Strongly wishing to obtain several 2013 Pinot bottles

    On February 12, 2015

  • Siobhan Leachman says...

    My last bottle of 2001 Dry River Syrah. Just. So. Amazing! They dont muck about with it, do they!

    On September 12, 2014

  • Thorsten says...

    Just tried the 2006 Pinot for a second time tonight previous bottle a couple of years ago..
    This is stunning stuff. Years ahead of it but this in my opinion is one of the best Pinots ever made in NZ. 19.4/20
    Well done team present and past

    On September 08, 2014

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