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The Dry River

Our goal is to produce wines of optimal phenolic ripeness with ripe fruit flavours and modest alcohol levels that faithfully reflect the site and vintage.

Factors leading to a true expression of the vineyard site include no irrigation, old vines and low crop levels. Cultural management practices in the vineyard that help achieve optimal phenolic ripeness include shoot positioning, leaf plucking and maintenance applications of nutrients. We do not claim to farm in any particular fashion beyond what we believe is sustainable and optimal for our site.

Our approach to winemaking is to preserve rather than enhance. Minimal movements of the young wine, low levels of new oak barrels and a cool cellar environment assist the transition from vineyard to bottle.

All wines are bottled at an early stage of evolution and reach their potential under a natural cork closure. Our wines tend to be slow to evolve in the bottle but as a result of this, are long-lived.

Further information on our philosophies can be found in a series of ‘Jottings’ written by Dr Neil McCallum.

“We seek to preserve what is grown in the vineyard without embellishment or winemaker artefact.”

Our Philosophy