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The Dry River

The fruit for Dry River wines is grown and harvested on three blocks: Dry River, Craighall and Lovat.
Where fruit comes exclusively from one vineyard it carries the vineyard designation.

1) Dry River Estate
First plantings 1979
This fruit provides structure and back bone to our wines.

1.17 ha Chardonnay
1.06ha Pinot gris
0.65 ha Pinot noir
0.20 ha Viognier Vineyard Designated Wine

2) Craighall Vineyard
First plantings 1983
The fruit from Craighall provides linear structure and acidity to the wines.

1.00ha Chardonnay
0.24 ha Pinot gris
1.78 ha Pinot noir
1.60 ha Riesling Vineyard Designated Wine
0.20 ha Tempranillo Vineyard Designated Wine

3) Lovat Vineyard
First plantings 1992
Lovat is responsible for the accentuated fruit character in our wines.

1.40 ha Gewurztraminer Vineyard Designated Wine
0.75 ha Pinot noir
1.70 ha Syrah Vineyard Designated Wine

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