Autumn 2017

" Things should be as simple as possible, and no simpler" Albert Einstein.

Rain, wind or shine, the complexities of growing wine in challenging years are rather simple: increase the effort, the results are usually astonishing. 

This spring and summer proposed a new set of challenges. Mild temperatures and adequate precipitation were a welcome relief in order to recover from the previous few years' dry conditions. Our soils and vines were able to rejuvenate, leaving the arduous task of canopy management to balance the effect of the persistent 'Nor'wester'. With both flowering and veraison drawn out, we can expect high aromatic interest.  

As autumn settles in we are fortunate to be granted plenty of missed beach time. For us as winegrowers, this also reflects in good ripening conditions for the wine during this critical last part of the season. It lifts a cloud of worry and gives ample confidence in a good harvest. Simple as that.