Autumn 2019

The start of the 2019 vintage was tumultuous, to say the least.  The vineyard woke up early from its winter dormancy thanks to the mild weather in late winter, then spring progressed in a steadfast manner, with strong and healthy vine growth.  This was shaken up with an unexpected frost event that caused some damage in various parts of the surrounding vineyards of Martinborough, but thankfully only a minor impact on our vineyards resulting in a slightly lower fruit set.  The real challenging part was still to follow with unusual high rainfall combined with warm temperatures between late November and Christmas.  With the soils full of moisture and good growing conditions, vine growth was vigorous and persistent, until well into the New Year.  We have now caught up with the excessive vegetative growth and achieved our desired leaf to fruit ratio, so we can enjoy the summer and the latter part of the ripening season leading up to our harvest.