Dry River Craighall Selection Riesling 2019

The combination of three separate picks out of our two Craighall blocks made a delicious wine, even with the sweetness (55 grams per litre residual sugar). This is a little less than usual, mostly as a result of the dry and warm vintage. 

We couldnt get enough of the aromatics we were finding. Immensely floral with orange and lemon blossom. Fruitful with “Fruitburst” lollies, candied peach, citrus zest, limoncello and kaffir lime leaf. Complexity with honey rate, propolis and honeydew as if the wine has spent time in oak barrels.

Despite the weight and volume, the wine stands straight, shoulders back and chest forward.  This self-confidence is thanks to a strong acidity that forms a spine over the whole palate, keeping the wine lively.  This liveliness can be seen in the continuous shift of focus between sweetness and acidity, fluency and astringency, tension and ease. 

The ‘Selection’  Riesling can be enjoyed as a young wine, but with the sugar and Botrytis characters, it rewards long cellaring too.

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Dry River Craighall Selection Riesling 2019