Dry River Pinot Noir Magnum 2015

In its short life, the wine has already experienced a magnificent evolution.  Upon release three years ago we tasted a rich wine with deep fruit characters and strong, visible tannins, mainly upfront.  These [fruit and tannins] have now greatly subsided and relaxed, revealing the complexity and multi layered facets of both the aromatics and texture.  Since the density and intensity of fruit, combined with the amount of tannins and acidity we worked with in the winery were elevated, we opted for a higher new oak barrel regime to provide a balanced framework.  This has paid off in the form of shredded, toasted coconut and chestnuts, with freshly bailed straw.  A good synergy has formed between fruit and secondary characters which mainly stems from the amount of whole grape clusters used in the fermentation process.  This is expressed by nougat and black currants, interacting with nettle tea and lifted aromas.

The palate is well structured with supple and silky tannins, which invite and nourish with a strong sense of umami.  The subtle texture of the wine is not lost underneath the blanket of fresh, dark fruits. All components have their appropriate share which give a balanced mouthfeel, to match a very individual and outspoken character.

Thanks to the many fond challenges during the 2015 growing season, we have developed a special relationship with this Pinot noir and it is very rewarding to watch its development.  You will find no problem cellaring this wine for a further five to seven years, or easily more, but it is an absolute pleasure to explore the intricacies and traits displayed right now. Enjoy!

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Dry River Pinot Noir Magnum 2015