2014 Riesling Selection

The term 'selection' for this wine indicates how the grapes were picked. We selected the ripest parcels of fruit (picked later) with low sugar content and high acidity, and little incidence of Botrytis. The aim was to produce a Riesling with low alcohol level, high residual sugar and high acidity in order to create a tension between these components. Our two Craighall Riesling blocks have different aspects to the sun, and by combining selected picks from both we can achieve fruit ripeness and strong acidity in this style.

The colour is pale yellow. Lemon, grapefruit and fejoa provide classic Dry River aromas. It is often suggested that mineral notes in wine are a result of the acid structure, especially in this variety. When combines wuth the citrus fragrance, this wine can be described as having mineral notes which could be a consequence of the acidity or something else. Regardless of this debate, a crushed rock character shows through on the palate in this wine. The 50g/L of residual sugar enhances the weight and power whilst the acidity and modest alcohol level provide balance and purity. The lemon sherbet-like acidity has two functions: it lengthens and also invigorates the palate. Granny Smith apple and yellow plum flavours assist in the broadening and impression of weight in the wine. A textural element from the phenolic compounds gives th palate focus and linearity and contributes to longevity. We expect a cellaring potential beyond seven years, peaking after 10 years in a good cellar.

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2014 Riesling Selection