Dry River Pinot Noir 2014

For the winemaking team, the interesting aspect of our Pinot noir is the proportion of representation of each of our three blocks. This varies every year due to natural influences on fruit set. For 2014 it is our Craighall vineyard that has a higher proportion than usual. This translates to slightly darker characters and a firmer personality, mainly due to the tannins. Our Dry River block was instrumental in regulating softness and providing calmness.

Deep red in colour with a ruby hue. The nose has full dark fruit notes of blackcurrant and blackberry. At this stage the wine shows some aromatic floral notes and sinew, just enough to balance the opulence of the fruit. There are some subtle oak notes in the form of a gentle walnut like nuance. The palate is well structured at this early stage with an abundance of front palate tannins, however most are cloaked by the richness of the fruit and the density of the flavours. Some sweetness peeks through, although only as a foil for the acidity, which combined, adds to the overall palate presence. If drinking as a young wine, we would recommend decanting first and serving slightly warmer than usual. Expect this wine to cellar well.

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Dry River Pinot Noir 2014