Pinot Noir Amaranth 1999

Progressively smaller changes in our general approach to making these wines have been necessary over recent years as we have adopted or adapted tradition according to the particularities of the Martinborough climate and soil. Fine-tuning this general approach to extract the maximum in concentration and flavour according to the fruit we have been given in each year seems to have resulted in the wines now expressing more of the individuality of each vintage.

1999 was a very low cropping year for us (less than 1t/A or 17 hL/ha), and it has produced a wine with very dense colour and concentrated fruit. The nose shows violets, red and black berries with plums, walnuts and even hints of crème caramel derived from the barrel maturation. The level of tannins in this wine does not appear quite as high as in the 96 and 98 wines, but this could be because of the very ripe characters of the tannins and the fruit concentration. We have designated this an ‘Amaranth®' wine on account of its concentration and finesse, the complexity and spread of flavours - from raspberry through blackberries to plums - and for its elegant expression. I am looking forward to following the development of this wine over a number of years.

N.B. When this wine is young, avoid drinking cool so that the youthful tannins do not dominate the fruit (try at ca. 18-20ºC).

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Pinot Noir Amaranth 1999