Spring 2005

The mild 2004 spring and lack of frosts provided welcome respite in the vineyard after the intensive management required through the previous season. From budburst in October, however, the weather became very wet and cool, and this persisted through to mid-January. December, when the vines flower and set their crops for the coming harvest, was the coldest on record, so it was no surprise that this year’s harvest was dramatically down. Gewurztraminer has a problem with fruit set at the best of times, and because its flowering coincided with the coldest part of the month the resulting crop was non-existent. All other varieties were at least heavily reduced. January and February reverted to beautiful clear, hot weather and by the beginning of April we were able to harvest our Pinot earlier than ever before. A matter of 36 hours later, we were beset by cold temperatures and unexpected very heavy rains which would certainly have damaged the ripe fruit we had just harvested. Further harvesting was delayed until the conditions were drier and the moisture levels had reduced. The remaining varieties were brought in at appropriate times in excellent condition and showing very good concentration in spite of the atypically erratic weather.