Spring 2011

No frosts and an absence of damage to the new growth in spring 2010 was in welcome contrast to many of the previous years. Benign growing conditions in the early part of the season, excellent weather for flowering and reduced vigour through summer as the soils dried, provided an admirable leadup to harvest. As we approached picking, phenolic ripening (loss of herbal flavours) was slow but conditions were such that we were able to wait and there was no difficulty in picking Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Riesling at their optimum flavours. By mid-April our luck had changed and we were beset by pockets of rain and the risk of botrytis until the weather had dried out once again in May. Holding off picking until the flavours in the remaining crop were exactly right, brought no adverse consequences – largely due to meticulous viticulture and the cold temperatures – so overall we were very happy with all the fruit brought in and look forward to seeing some very interesting wines.