Spring 2012

2012 was the coolest growing season since 2004 and approximately 15% cooler than the long term average. Frost was not an issue this year. These cooler conditions produced relatively large canopies, partly as a result of the small crop, which required the team to increase our leaf plucking and canopy management regime to ensure good airflow and exposure of the fruit and leaves. As with all cooler seasons, patience and vigilance became the story of the vintage. Our low cropping mature vines ensured all grapes were harvested with optimal phenolic and flavour ripeness. The harvest season by-passed March and kicked into action early in April. The first blocks picked (7th April) were Pinot noir and Chardonnay. A number of rain events through the vintage period had us bide our time while the soils dried out and to allow the phenolic ripening process to continue. A small parcel of Riesling was left on the vine to develop botrytis for a Bunch Selection Riesling. The last fruit came into the winery in May, three weeks later than what we would have expected in a more usual year..