Chardonnay 2015

To our memory this is one of the more approachable Chardonnay’s we have produced so far.  The small cropping levels we experienced did not necessarily produce a more intense wine, on the contrary, maturity was slowed down due to weather induced stress.  These vintage circumstances formed softer tannins with a more ‘open’ and friendly phenolic structure.

A bright apple flesh colour reflects the early life stage of the wine.  At first the creamy lees character supresses the aromatic profile of the wine and might be a reflection of time spent on full solids in barrel.  With time in the glass the wine is sure to show tropical fruit characters like persimmon, pineapple and nectarines.  By now almonds and brioche make their presence with coconut faintly in the background, paying respect to the oak.

The wine carries sufficient weight forming a stout and broad mouthfeel whilst it spreads consistently over the palate.  This remarkable strength subdues the acidity creating an all-round experience.  The ripe fruit is visible mostly on the back palate in the sense of white peach and nectarine, complemented by nougat and almonds.  In its youth we recommend to open this wine well before consumption, allowing time to breathe, or be sure to decant.  Our Chardonnay tends to evolve for another three to five years, but can be cellared longer for those with patience.

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Chardonnay 2015