Inheriting a Legacy

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the newly appointed Dry River team. This changing of the guard has come with great excitement (and nerves), as we understand the responsibility of becoming custodians of one of New Zealand’s heritage brands. You will have heard from the Roberston family regarding their decision to sell the vineyard…

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Dry River 2020 Magazine

As the COVID-19 virus continues to globally spread havoc, societies rise against social injustice, and climate change seeps further into our consciousness, we in the New Zealand wine industry are being confronted with and challenged out of our privileged position, in many ways.

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The Squeeze: a two-word descriptor of the 2021 vintage. A dry winter, with below-average rainfall in spring, was a foreboding sign of the struggle for water we would experience for the rest of the season. It was dry, and the vines had to work hard for every drop of water. Further to that, the key period of…

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Spontaneous fermentation

Our focus at Dry River has always been to create wines with personality reflective of Martinborough’s soil, climate, and people. One of the key contributors to this vision is spontaneous fermentation because yeast is a wonderful indicator of what makes a region unique.

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