Dry River Pinot Gris 2014

For some of our later picked varieties the tail end of the 2014 harvest proved to be slightly more challenging. Most of our Pinot gris was already harvested, though more prudency was required with our last selection. Patience and good fortune presented us with a perfect picking window for the last parcel of both Pinot gris and Gewurztaminer.

The pale yellow colour indicates the fruit was harvested in optimal conditions. The nose is soft and aromatic with vanilla custard and creamy brioche notes paired with Manuka honey, rock melon and nectarine nuances. Many of us do not associate minerality with Pinot gris, but strong hints of calcium rock dust are present together with classic Pinot gris fruit characters of peach and apricot.

In contrast to the nose, the mouth feel shows development in bottle is still required. The texture on the palate circulates front to back until it finds direction and structure with support of the underlying acidity. This wine exudes interest thanks to its buoyancy, density and complex interaction between alcohol, residual sugar and fruit weight. The finish shows length and purity with a slight dryness and soft acidity which complements the intriguing personality. We see this wine as approachable when young, but gaining considerable interest after five to seven years.

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Dry River Pinot Gris 2014