Chardonnay 2012

A crispy green hue encapsulates the golden core of this vibrant wine. This appearance suggests purity of flavour, concentration and gentle handling in the winery. Our typical flavours of citrus, white nectarine and hazelnuts are all to the fore. What excites us about this wine is a nuance of talc and citrus. Our winemaking by nature is conservative with gentle oak handling, light lees stirring and a focus on retaining what is good and pure with the wine. This transparency is evident on the palate with the nuances of fruit, oak and lees all making their mark. The focus is always to retain a linearity with Chardonnay but not at the expense of roundness on the mid-palate. Coming from a cooler than average year, our view is this wine will remain relatively closed for an extended period, emerging with brilliance in three to four years, and continuing strongly for another five years in a good cellar.

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Chardonnay 2012