Dry River Chardonnay 2017

In my opinion Chardonnay responds well to years with lower sunshine hours, as previously experienced in 2012.  I believe the typical Chardonnay characters we expect to see are conserved and the acidity retains its influence over shape and structure.  We picked both our Dry River Estate and Craighall vineyards in close succession, where normally we would have approximately one week between the two, with a very exciting result.

A melee of roasted Chestnuts, chalk and floral notes, are supplemented with biscotti, custard, peach and nectarine.  Fresh lime sorbet and lemon blossom lift the aromatics to keep the nose playful.  Thanks to a small proportion of Malo-Lactic conversion, the palate is evenly spread and transparent and gains some additional mouthfeel.  With neither component dominant, the aromatic richness is effortlessly suppressed by either oak or the character stemming from extended maturation on lees. The focus is therefore multifaceted, shifting between acidity, texture and fruit in fast pace.  White flesh peach, Braeburn apple and green kiwifruit, happily make way for salivating citrus fruit and silken creamy texture.  An energetic back palate lifts the wine and allows for a long lingering finish.

Our Chardonnay evolves slowly in the cellar, expect this wine to reach good maturity after three to five years.

PLEASE NOTE: As there is a limited amount of this wine available, we have restricted each order to a maximum of 6 bottles per person and it will be on a first come, first served basis. 

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Dry River Chardonnay 2017