'Craighall' Riesling Amaranth* 2013

Like all of our dry grown vines Riesling had to endure a very dry season from the start. The vines response to this seasonal environment is to go searching for pockets of moisture, and allocating resources to root growth. This allocation of resources has meant small canopies this year and therefore low sugar accumulation in the fruit.

In the glass the appearance is pale and youthful with a hint of gold. Aromatically there is a mêlée of fruit aromas that include stone fruit, Granny Smith apple and citrus. There is also a further suggestion of honeysuckle and other delicate floral notes on the nose. A citrusy crispness defines the palate with firm acidity. Richness in the form of midpalate weight is all from fruit extract rather than sugar. The mineral nature of this wine, in this case probably from acidity, serves to heighten or magnify the unique character of our Craighall Riesling. Overall this wine is delicate and understated but not without generosity and we expect it to be very long lived in a good cellar.

* The term 'Amaranth' is used for wines that we believe to have an interesting cellaring life ahead. It is not a quality designation and can be used on any of our wines.

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'Craighall' Riesling Amaranth* 2013