Dry River Craighall Riesling 2016

The change in timing of the release of this wine to our autumn release has given us more insight in the development in its youthful stage.  We see this wine ‘growing up’ even within the six months extra time it spends with us.

Over time the closed aromatics, flavours and structure slowly transform and open up to reveal its nature.  A burst of spring fruit flowers of apple and citrus liven up the nose and are tempered by fresh ginger, kaffir lime and lemon grass.  Considered the timing of picking was relatively early, end of March and beginning of April, the interest of these characteristic Asian aromatics suggest sufficient fruit ripeness during harvest.  They are further complimented with a sea salt character combined with fennel seed and grapefruit skin.  A juicy and mouth covering acidity spreads and pulls the palate, initially leaving little room for the underlying aromatics to be apparent.  The soft nature at the front of the palate and the austerity of the lemon and lime suggest a timid wine. After some time in the glass Granny Smith apple, orange rind and yellow plum skin balance the rectangularity with weight and roundness in the middle of the palate.  A light chalk powdered texture exposes the tannins and coats the mouth with a misty and seductive finish.  Maximum benefit is rewarded to those who cellar for up to seven years or longer in good cellars.

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Dry River Craighall Riesling 2016