Dry River Craighall Tempranillo 2016

Four subsequent years of dry conditions had severely impacted the Tempranillo.  With hard pruning necessary during winter, the yields were always going to be low for this wine, and only 400 bottles have been produced.  This is also the last year we will release this wine as a single variety wine; it is now part of our new blend The Twelve Spies.

The colour is of a purple core with a red garnet fringe.  Only one older, large barrel was required for the small amount produced; this preserved the fruit characters as anticipated.  Dark fruit tones of ripe brambleberries, blackcurrants, and lighter raspberries provide a freshness.  On the other side, there is nougat, mulled wine spices and stewed red fruit compote that show the darker side of the wine. Further complexity comes unexpectedly from thyme and oyster shells.

Intense, dark, dense fruit with deep flavours make for a full-bodied wine which is summoned down to a more shy level by the acidity. Initially, the tannins are gentle in nature, especially on the front of the palate. However, they are not to be underestimated, for they built outwards from the core and strengthen in their presence towards the side of the mouth.  Courteously, they reside towards the en d,leaving a smooth and seamless finish at the back.  In line with the Tempranillo wines in our cellar, we see a gradual evolution over three to six years to reach full drinking potential.

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Dry River Craighall Tempranillo 2016