Dry River Lovat Syrah 2015

 For Dry River the 2015 vintage was very challenging.  Extremely high winds in springtime caused substantial damage to the growing shoots, to the point where the vines shut down for approximately two weeks.  The summer was dry for an extended period, with the high winds returning in February.  These were warm and caused damage again, mainly in our Syrah.  Since our vineyards are dry-farmed, with no irrigation to mitigate these events and help promote growth, we decided to reduce our potential yield by 70 percent!

The result however is a deep, darkly coloured wine from very ripe fruit.  It can almost be likened to a cool climate Australian Shiraz.  One might even be fooled to detect a hint of Eucalypt.  There is a distinct mix of fruitful and savoury components in this wine. The nose is opulent and warm, where it shows cassis, plums and dark cherries, with mocha, cacao powder and coffee beans.

The ripe, dense fruit and the structure of the palate draws the attention immediately.  Plush sweet fruit and liquorice allow for a very open and hospitable entrance and provides a broad mouthfeel. The fluffy and powdery tannins, together with the acidity keep the wine compact and salivating, creating a tighter, funnel shaped finish to the wine. 

We see extraordinary evolution of Syrah in the cellar over many years.  Do not hesitate to store this for seven to ten years before opening.

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Dry River Lovat Syrah 2015