Dry River Lovat Syrah 2017

The heat summation and distribution for 2017 was similar to 2013, quite spectacular.  However, the impact of the 2017 rain event in early April did not go unnoticed for wine lovers, mainly Pinot Noir aficionados.  Lucky for our Syrah is that it is most often picked in early May, enough time to get back on track for ripening and avoid dilution.  We, therefore, had plenty of confidence in a successful Syrah harvest with ample concentration and ripe tannins.

The wine shows primary dark fruits of the forest like boysenberry and black currants interlaced with violets and hints of black pepper.  We decided to age the wine on oak for a little longer this time, 24 instead of 18 months.  This brought out a certain maturity and subdued vibrancy in the form of dulce de leche, vanilla, nutmeg and allspice on the nose.

Another benefit of prolonged barrel ageing is that the tannins are allowed to soften a bit more, which helps the front palate and thus approachability of the wine.  As a young wine, the fruit is expressive, almost brash, but respectful to the other components of the wine.  Like the acidity, present and linear, not overpowering, the texture is all-encompassing and well proportioned. The wine is neither fined (clarified) nor filtered and might show a light deposit, especially after a few years of ageing.  We see a good life ahead for this wine, with an optimal drinkability after approximately six to eight years.

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Dry River Lovat Syrah 2017