Dry River Pinot Gris 2017

The defining influences that typify our Pinot gris are, like always, vineyard related.  No irrigation, high exposure to sunshine and small berries contribute and guarantee a base standard of deep concentration, structure and texture.  Timing of picking is late, mid- to late April, and for the 2017 vintage the above were fundamental to this aromatic wine and avoided any lingering dilution.

The fresh and lively aromatics form an interesting mix, where balance and restraint are key fundamentals of this wine.  This year the wild flowers form the lively aspect and are the most noticeable, apple and orange blossoms provide the fresh characteristics.  The nose is further filled with crushed apple, golden kiwi fruit and nashi pear.  We were able to reduce the residual sugar levels for this vintage, this assists the refined palate in showing a little more minerality.  As for the nose, the palate shows dense and transparent flavours of stone fruit and peach, with a gracious and unpretentious attitude.  Part of the wine has been matured in French oak for 10 months, on lees.  This helped to accentuate the length of the wine and bring more charm to the textural elements and pave a path for the fruit to shine.  We predict this wine to evolve for the next three to five years and bring drinking pleasure for several years to follow.

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Dry River Pinot Gris 2017