Dry River 'The Twelve Spies' 2017

This more modern wine is new territory for Dry River.  With a blend of Pinot noir, Tempranillo and Syrah, we trial and anticipate some of the new ‘Dry River’ Pinot noir vines we have planted in our vineyard, whilst safeguarding the rightful place of Tempranillo.  Since 2013 we have been taking cuttings from our oldest and best performing vines in the Dry River Estate vineyard and grafted them on a unique rootstock not available in New Zealand anymore.  The first vines have been planted, but we will not include them in our main Pinot noir for a few years to come.  We therefore decided to create this blend with our older and well performing Tempranillo and Syrah.  Only small quantities have been used, so we anticipate this wine will sell out fast. Syrah followers, please do not be disheartened, only a small portion of Syrah is used for this blend.

As one may expect from a varietal blend, a complex array of aromas can be detected.  Spice, pepper, cloves and liquorice are mixed with cherry, fruit of the forest, Bram berry compote and floral notes. A smooth and elegant entrance is followed by a silken soft texture building towards the back, where the tannins interact playfully with the acidity.  This creates a linear and straight palate shape.  More powerful fruit, such as blueberries, plum and cassis provide a considerable weight.  Each wine component contributes to this new personality; elegance and grace from Pinot noir, weight and liveliness from the Tempranillo, complemented by the seriousness and tenacity of Syrah.  This wine is not a fly by night, one off experiment.  We will build on this first example and look forward to creating an interesting blend of these three varieties for many years to come.

We anticipate proceeding with this blend for many years to come, and look forward to seeing how this wine develops in our cellar.

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Dry River 'The Twelve Spies' 2017