Dry River Viognier 2014

At first glance the impression of the colour is yellow, which transforms into a bright golden aspect. An oily and candied nose with instantly identifiable peach and apricot bring a calming effect. This is a delightfully moderate aromatic wine full of complex aromas of lanolin, honeysuckle and mango. We believe Viognier is a variety which should show a viscous and buoyant palate, not driven by acidity, but by a soft texture and alcohol. This provides for a liquid that moves over the palate in a broad and encompassing manner. The gentle acidity ensures the wine is not flaccid but gives it a mere platform to exist and maintain its structure. Effortlessly the wine moves towards the back of the mouth, finishing sweet and dense leaving a trail of aromatics. Viognier from our cellar matures after three years and becomes a fine and delicate wine thereafter. We love the fragility of this variety and we follow the older wines with great interest.

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Dry River Viognier 2014