Pinot noir 2012

In the glass the colour is crimson with a plum purple rim. Along with many typical Dry River characters we see a previously unnoticed fruit compote aroma. The nose itself is loaded with bright primary red berry fruit and alludes to the softness and elegance of the wine to come. As a result of the definitive seasonal difference, cool and low cropping this wine has a remarkable luminosity and brightness on the nose and palate. With the emphasis on primary fruit aromas, we still see a complex and well balanced wine with a softly structured mouth feel. The round tannins leave the palate with a slight gripping sensation, which is testament to its youthful stage in life. This wine will begin to peak after five years in the bottle and with further maturation will continue to evolve complexity and nuance for another five to seven years.

The above notes were written prior to the 'en primeur' release in August last year. Young wine flavours and palate perceptions tend to fluctuate for the first couple of years after bottling. We suggest that you either begin enjoying the wine after cellaring for three years, or consider decanting the bottle if consumed earlier. Decanting has the wonderful effect of 'opening up' tightly held flavours, dissipating any residual spritz and adding generosity to a youthful palate. Be aware that decanting very old wines is more a case of separating sediment rather than liberating locked in flavour.

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Pinot noir 2012