Rhone Trio - 3 bottle selection

Rhone Trio 

These wines are sold as a 3-pack. When ordering this 3-pack you will receive 2 bottles of Syrah and 1 bottle of Viognier 

2014 or 2013 Dry River Estate Viognier, here we are restricted because of the low amount in our cellar; therefore, we have to allocate each vintage in a random manner.  After removing the vines in 2016, this is a wine that lives in obscurity, which is a shame.  It is a late-ripening, full-bodied and low acid variety that gives it a very buoyant and rich mouthfeel. These features can also make it a challenging wine to pair with food, or to enjoy on its own.  Dont be disheartened, with a few years of maturity some of the fruit characters really shine and liven this wine up.  The structure that underpins this wine holds it firm and make it a pleasant surprise, something to think outside the box with. If these two vintages run out we will make up your order with an older vintage from the cellar.

2010 Dry River Lovat Syrah, upon release this wine was more like a feral beast.  Savoury, char and toast characters dominated the nose, and the usual darker fruit characters were well and truly locked away.  Now, nearly 10 years later, the wine is opening up, with typical gorgeous ageing characters surfacing.  This is typical of Syrah; sturdy, closed, grumpy (it is French after all) but very welcoming and homely when it evolves and feels more comfortable.  Something that is often overlooked in a time of instant gratification is that the variety just needs time to evolve.  Syrah is therefore often misunderstood or misjudged, it is a dark Trojan horse.

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Rhone Trio - 3 bottle selection