Sauvignon Blanc 1998

Our Sauvignon grapes ripened considerably earlier in the season than usual, probably because of the relatively small crop. In a hot year such as 1998 there is a danger that the fruit characters might lose their liveliness, so we picked part of this crop early - at about 20 brix to retain fresh, crisp flavours in the final wine. The remainder of the grapes were allowed to ripen further to contribute fullness and riper flavours in the final blend.

The final wine is light gold in colour with a ripe nose evoking flowers, dried grass and even spices, with Granny Smith apples. The palate is quite full but balanced, with typical nettle and crisp Granny Smith flavours. The wine shows good concentration, and though it is well suited as a food wine now, it will gain further interest if cellared over a number of years. If you have not tried already, our Sauvignons do have considerable longevity, and it is worth experimenting by cellaring them for some time to see whether you like this aged version.

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