Dry River Tempranillo 2012

This is the last of the series of wines released from the cool 2012 Vintage. The challenge for this variety was that it was only our second vintage, which proved to be a short and sharp learning curve. Nevertheless, we are comfortable with the decisions made and seeing the development over the last eight months in bottle, we can have confidence in the wine. A dense crimson red colour indicates youth and vibrancy. The nose shows lifted aromas yet is warm and grounding. Light scattered notes of cinnamon, cloves and chocolate are mixed with cassis, blueberries and boysenberries. For Dry River, Tempranillo ripens after Pinot noir but before Syrah. Hence we can expect a gentle wine with a soft tannin profile but with a more savoury theme. We believe these are the characteristics this wine delivers on the palate. A delicate weight and texture, which is the hallmark of the 2012 vintage, combined with bright acidity lengthens the palate. Where the acidity brings out the red fruit flavours, the savoury and leather aspect is supported by the carefully chosen French oak barrels (two in total) which merely cushion the wine and balance the acidity. This is not a statement wine, though the elegant and linear focus is a distinctive charm of cool climate wines. We advise to be conservative with your enthusiasm to open a bottle, since we believe this to be a wine with long ageing capacity – five
to eight years.

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Dry River Tempranillo 2012