The Dry River 2018 Magazine

Our 2018 edition of the Dry River magazine is now available for you to read online. This year we feature a delicious recipe from Capitol Restaurant, reviews for our current release wines from Gary Walsh of  The Wine Front as well as tasting notes, articles and our comprehensive cellaring guide. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can refer back here when picking out the wine for your next special occasion. For non-members interested in joining our online members community then please register your interest here

2 comments on “The Dry River 2018 Magazine”

  1. Kelvin Laing

    I have just recently purchased some dry river pinot years 2004, 2010, 2011 from an Auction where I have been assured they have been stored in a 14 degree cellar,(yes i know), and looks as thou bottles have been stored upright, my question is, with corked wines, over a long period of time 15-20 years is it more beneficial to store upright or horizontal, reason being I opened a 2004 an noticed the cork was a little soft at the end and wine had absorbed around 5mm into the end of the cork, and perhaps slightly changed the taste of the wine, what would be your thoughts on that?
    Kelvin Laing

    1. dryriver

      Dear Kelvin,

      Thank you for reaching out to us with your query. I have always worked on storing bottles lying down. It is the practice here at Dry River too.

      I hope the bottles you have purchased have been stored as promised, if so, they should be absolutely fine and good to drink.

      Kind Regards



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