Autumn 2015

As a wine grower we observe multiple, mostly natural cycles, with great interest. Besides celebrating the start of the new calendar year, we also mark the start of the growing year, completed by a greatly anticipated finale: harvest time. These perpetual natural cycles deliver a calming rhythm to which we can organise our vineyard and winery calendars. However, not everything can be predicted, and we will have to manage accordingly and trust our understanding is sufficient to overcome the challenges.

In light of this, spring has left us with mixed emotions. The early half was a mild and gentle introduction to our new growing year. Budburst was in line with the long term average and we experienced a few frost events, luckily with little significant harm. However, November brought back memories of a more classic weather pattern: equinoxal winds which operated in a clinical and forceful mannor. Vine growth was greatly retarded at this stage with light damage to some of the vine shoot’s growing tips. To our delight the winds departed before the onset of flowering in early December putting a smile back on everyone’s faces. The vines were able to recover well from the windy spring barrage resulting in balanced growth with healthy yields. Without tempting the weather gods too much, we are now looking at another splendid 2015 harvest.