Current Release


"The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month."

- Henry Van Dyke

Amidst current political turmoil and upheaval, we at Dry River are excited to shift the focus to a series of new wines.

It is often in hindsight that we can remove ourselves from our deeply involved position we are in during the season. For me, perspective and context are the main focal point when we reflect on the 2017 growing year and harvest, where some adverse conditions brought out the best in all of our staff input. The heat summation we desire was certainly achieved. A mild spring with adequate soil moisture levels, persisted well into summer. This was well needed after several years of low rainfall where we saw a significant reduction in available water. Hence, we saw good growth and recovery, which is a warm welcome for our unirrigated vineyards.

The ripening season, February until harvest time in late March early April, was pleasant with good and moderate temperatures. This indicated the vintage was going to bring out a soft, perfumed and restrained wine. Some significant rain events halted picking for a good 10 days in early April. This is the time required to let the soils dry out and for excess water in the berries to dissipate again. We can now look at wines with satisfactory extract, depth and flavour.


" Things should be as simple as possible, and no simpler" Albert Einstein.

Rain, wind or shine, the complexities of growing wine in challenging years are rather simple: increase the effort, the results are usually astonishing.

This spring and summer proposed a new set of challenges. Mild temperatures and adequate precipitation were a welcome relief in order to recover from the previous few years' dry conditions. Our soils and vines were able to rejuvenate, leaving the arduous task of canopy management to balance the effect of the persistent 'Nor'wester'. With both flowering and veraison drawn out, we can expect high aromatic interest. 

With autumn settling in we are fortunate to be granted plenty of missed beach time. For us as winegrowers, this also reflects in good ripening conditions for the wine during this critical last part of the season. It lifts a cloud of worry and gives ample confidence in a good harvest. Simple as that.