Dry River Craighall Selection Riesling 2016

Our approach of ‘building’ this wine through multiple picks came to a climax at the tail end of the season.  The last component was harvested on 30th of May, fully shrivelled with a large percentage of Botrytis infection.  This is not necessarily visible during the youthful stage of the wine, however once further evolved it can bring spectacular and intense aromas.

The appearance is darker and golden.  Thanks to the numerous picking stages, the aromatic landscape is varied and abundant.  Clover honey and rock melon are combined with, yes, raspberry, lemon sherbet and rose petals.  Juicy lime zest and pineapple give familiar ripe Riesling appearances on the nose.  A firm acidity is instantly recognised, encapsulating the concentrated fruit where it partners with 75 g/l residual sugar to create a nervous mid-palate timbre.  Though shy at first with a strong suggestion of sweetness, it is kiwi fruit, kumquat and Satsuma mandarin that grab the attention.  A long, linear finish shifts the focus to the back highlighting the honey and mineral texture.  The elongated, oval shape with precise acidity will remain in place for the first five years.  Further evolution will highlight complex Botrytis characters of the late harvest component of this wine.

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Dry River Craighall Selection Riesling 2016