Pinot noir 2013

As mentioned during our 'en primeur' offer, the 2013 vintage was heralded by some as the vintage of the century. We would have to agree, the 2013 season did produce a Pinot noir of great depth, texture and profundity.

We often see with our Pinot noir that the vineyard has supplied this wine with a deep purple colour. Although colour is not necessarily an indication of quality, its intensity is a magnificent and seductive feature. The nose brings an ample array of aromas and soft oak tones. The usual Dry River aromas of Christmas spice, pipe tobacco and plum are all in attendance. Initially this wine seems savoury, dark and brooding but elegant red berry and raspberry characters are not to be missed. This tension between dark and light, spice and fruit, opulence and restraint is a result of the blend of the three vineyards, Dry River, Craighall and Lovat with all three contributing their specific vineyard characteristics to the final wine. The juicy, sappy and dense fruit fills out the palate providing a full and fleshy mouth-feel. The acidity provides focus and a thoroughfare for the wine towards the back with a dapple of oak influence for support and additional complexity. While transparent tannins are no hindrance to the front palate, the soft nature of this wine is not to be misjudged. This subtle palate texture contributes to overall structure and will require adequate time to mature. We envisage this wine will be of renewed interest within three to five years and reach full maturity after eight to ten years.


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Pinot noir 2013