Chardonnay Amaranth 1999

The colour of this wine is clear light gold. It has the aromas of fresh-cut straw, citrus, mineral and even crême bruleé, along with the mealy notes that arose from stirring the yeast lees while the wine was in the barrel (batonnage). As would be expected from the warmth of the year, and from the dry autumn and low crop levels (17hL/ha - less than 1t/A), it has an intense palate with powerful peach/citrus and mineral flavours, and added complexity from the batonnage and full barrel ferment (27% new oak). The low yields and concentrated palate have delivered a taut structure from fruit-derived phenolics which resemble those of a young Chablis which characteristically needs time to open out and become more accessible. Its complexity and style place it closer to its French rather than New Zealand counterparts, and consequently the wine offers considerable interest and reward to those who are prepared to wait and follow its evolution. This wine has been designated ‘Amaranth®'.

N.B. The Amaranth® designation is not intended as a quality mark. Rather, it means ‘if you are interested in cellaring wines, try this...' Expect to see it on wines which are a little different from our usual style and which we hope/expect will display an interesting development over the next few years. The name is derived from the unfading flower of Greek myth.

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Chardonnay Amaranth 1999