Spring 2018

When referring to weather conditions in the vineyard, the 2018 year can be separated into two distinct periods.  First, early to mid-spring; this was not very exciting with moderate temperatures and rainfall, and no significant frost events.  Secondly, summer. By the time our flowering period started, the weather had significantly improved and the conditions were favourable for fruit set.  A long warm period with low rainfall created great excitement amongst producers for crop quality potential, and joy for all others who were treated with a splendid summer.  Some worthy rain events in February slowed down the ripening which tempered the enthusiasm a bit, mainly due to high humidity levels, however, temperatures remained warm through to March.  A total of over 1400 growing degree days brought back memories of the mid 2000’s, but with higher yields.  More like 2008 and 2009.  Due to the warm weather, especially during the evenings, we started harvest on the 12th of March, with Pinot noir.  The 2018 vintage was our earliest on record, as was the finish –with the Syrah coming in on the 4th of April!

We are expecting the wines to be lavish with a broad and supple mouthfeel.