2014 Lovat Gewurztraminer

We believe Gewurztraminer benefits greatly from multiple, staged pickings. The array of flavours, aromas and texture is a result of choosing opportune times for harvesting selected parcels, not merely the optimal condition for the complete block. For the 2014 vintage this proved to be our saving grace.

A melange of aromas suggestive of Turkish Delight, nougat and almond paste are the immediate characters that spring to mind. Exotic fruits, orange peel and fresh apple provide further interest. Dry River wines are bottled at an early stage of their development, which to us means they have not been needlessly exposed to the detrimental aging effects of oxygen. With the passing of time in the glass or bottle, some characters become more noticeable than others; also other previous unseen aromatic compounds are released, like candied ginger and papaya fruit.Time and slow exposure to oxygen equally benefit the palate. After a gentle entrance, the focus and concentration is on the mid-palate, where texture is highlighted by a multitude of fine phenolic compounds, a balanced alcohol level (lower then normal) and generous fruit sweetness. These compounds provide a soft cushioning effect, stretching the wine into four dimensions (volume, and length or time on the palate). Drink now for immediate pleasure, or for maximum interest cellar for a minimum of three to five years.

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2014 Lovat Gewurztraminer