Vintage 2022: A Tale of Resilience and Elegance

Image: Dry River winemaker, Ben McNab gently holding a lush vine, showcasing the care and attention given to the vineyard's grapevines. Ben's hand delicately cradles the vibrant green leaves, symbolizing the dedication to producing high-quality wines at Dry River.

The 2022 vintage for Dry River was marked by climatic challenges and triumphs. A moisture-rich summer shaped the character of our wines, endowing them with purity and delicate structures.

From September to December, the early growing season saw minimal spring frost events, resulting in a robust canopy with healthy budburst. The uniform bunch architecture and high bunch numbers exceeded past seasons’ standards, promising a fruitful harvest.

However, December brought significant rainfall (170mm), raising humidity and disease concerns. We responded by enhancing airflow and sunlight through leaf plucking and mowing to counter disease spread.

February introduced a remarkable twist with an unprecedented 280mm of rainfall, causing berry splitting and fungal issues. To maintain quality, we made the tough decision to drop a significant portion of the fruit, reducing potential yields by up to 50%. A meticulous double pass sorting process at the winery ensured mature chemistry and well-developed phenolic structures.

The 2022 wines, born from consecutive La Niña seasons, reflect our region’s evolving climate. They exhibit fine structures and less sweetness compared to earlier vintages. White varietals maintain exceptional natural acidity, accentuating high tones of crushed petal, schist, and spice. Phenolic elements, though passive, contribute to the wines’ poise.

Our Pinot Noir embodies finesse and charm, expressing the soil’s character with notes of iron, game, and wet moss.

The 2022 vintage is a testament to our vineyards’ resilience and winemaking excellence, crafting elegant wines that reflect their unique growing journey. Each bottle tells a story of triumph over adversity, showcasing the sophistication of our New Zealand luxury wine brand.